Las iniciales de la tierra

Carlos Pérez Cifredo faces the gossip that demands the workers' assembly from him before deciding if he will be or not chosen" exemplary worker of the year". His memory goes back to the solitary games of an infancy in which the heroes of the comic were his companions of adventures; the fear was stalking in the dark ceremonies of the bembé and the ghosts of the old man Chava and the Grandfather they were monitoring kindly in every tree and every blast of wind. And from here the recollections they drag him in an exhaustive trip without return: the awkward and dark adolescence, the familiar war, the Revolution, the intimate battle between the tradition and the friendship, the Sugar cane crop of Ten Millions, the will and the death, the doubt and the hopelessness.

Like brush strokes of wet paint, Jesus Díaz's words reveal the contours of an island that is Cuba and, at the same time, it is any island that the man has greeted as land in the course of an immemorial history; across an extraordinary merger of languages - colloquial, musical, cinematographic, political there arises an objective testimony that does not exclude fugues, neither tearings, and that, simultaneously, misleads his protagonism in an ambitious and bright literary testimony.

Took from the edition of Las iniciales de la tierra, 1987, Editorial Alfaguara.