International Novel Prize Rómulo Gallegos

The International Novel Prize Rómulo Gallegos was created to perpetuate and honor the work of the eminent novelist and also to stimulate the creational activity of the Hispanic speech writers. The prize was instituted in August of 1964, by # 83 decree, signed by the President of the Republic, Raúl Leoni, then executed by the Education Ministry, which send it to the INCIBA (National Culture and fine arts Institute). The award in metallic, the medal made in golden and one diploma, were only one hundred thousand Bolívares (Bs. 100.000). The first bases were made and released on July 25th 1965 and with summons signed by the president of this entity, José Luis Salcedo Bastardo. The second prize was under the management of the INCIBA with another president, Alfredo Tarre Murzi. The third and fourth prize depended of the CONAC (Consejo Nacional de la Cultura) (National Council of Culture), successor organism of the INCIBA, presided by Luis García Morales and José Luis Alvarenga, respectively. Was in September 17th 1986 when the president Jaime Lusinchi decreed that everything relative to the organization and granting of the prize was transferred to the CELARG (Fundación Centro de Estudios Latinoamericanos Rómulo Gallegos).The prize is celebrate every two years, on August 2nd, coinciding with Rómulo Gallegos's birthday.

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